Parent Corner Podcast - Season 2, Episode 5

4/26/2022 5:17 pm


Irene Johnson interviews Cavanaugh Bell from Gaithersburg on the subject of bullying.


A little bit about him:


"When I was 5, I got tired of people telling me that I was too young to volunteer. And after being bullied, I channeled that darkness I felt into a massive spark to change the world! Now I’m a kid leading a tribe of Positivity Creators who aren’t taking “no” for an answer."

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Parent Corner Podcast - Season 2, Episode 3

12/7/2021 2:06 pm


Irene Johnson sits down with Mom Coach Deborah Porter and online safety Expert Cyber Fareedah. Even though the kids are back in school there is still a need to talk about online safety and how kids should be using the internet.

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Parent Corner Podcast - Season 2, Episode 4

12/7/2021 2:06 pm


Irene interviews Patrice Clayton the Public Relations Manager at the Gaylord National in National Harbor. Irene has four tickets to the I LOVE CHRISTMAS displays at Gaylord National. Watch the whole podcast to find out the details and you could be a winner! Good luck Sequoyah Stallions and Happy Holidays From your PTA!

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Parent Corner- Season 2, Episode 2

10/29/2021 11:42 am

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To honor that, on this episode of the Sequoyah Parent Podcast Irene has a candid discussion with 2nd grade teacher Ms. Ibrahimi. They discuss Ms. Ibrahimi's journey with her diagnosis of Breast Cancer in 2008 and how important it is to check your health. You won't want to miss this episode and wait until the very end for a very personal message from Ms. Ibrahimi.

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Parent Corner Podcast- Season 2, Episode 1

9/6/2021 2:33 pm

Welcome to our Sequoyah Parent Podcast season 2! We are so excited to bring this podcast back for our Sequoyah Stallion families. This year our Parent Podcast is hosted by the amazing Irene Johnson. Listen to Irene chat with our new Principal and new Assistant Principal, Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Graber. Irene gets these two top-notch educators to answer her tough questions, like "Is a hotdog a sandwich?" and has them draw their school mascots! Please enjoy getting to know our new administration with Irene.

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Black History Month/ Women's History Month Intro

3/2/2021 3:42 pm

Brandi starts this 3 part series by introducing us to her panel. The women tell us who they are, where they grew up and how they chose their profession.

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Black History Month/ Women's History Month Part 2

3/2/2021 3:37 pm




Brandi chats with the panel about being a working woman of color and the inauguration of the first female Vice president. Mickey talks about being an ESOL student when she was younger, and wanting to be an example that English Language Learners (ELL) students can look up to.

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Black History Month/ Women's History Month Part 3

3/2/2021 3:34 pm




In the final instalment of Black History/ Women's History series, Brandi talks about the future. She asks the panel about who they looked up to, and who believed in them. The women talk about the importance of representation. Finally, the panel comes up with a message for the next generation. Thank you for joining the conversation. If you have any questions please reach out to the PTA!

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Snacks+Math=Happy Parents Episode 3

10/21/2020 2:03 pm


Can I have a snack?  This is a common question during virtual learning.  In this episode Brandi and Colleen share a fun way to keep track of how much snacking is going on.  Set up a fun snack store in your very own pantry! Happy snacking Sequoyah Stallions!


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Setting Up a Virtual Learning Space Episode 2

8/26/2020 11:54 pm


Explore some ideas on how to set up a virtual learning space with Brandi! Two weeks of virtual learning have gone by.  In this video Brandi shows you what is working for her family and shares some great tips!



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